Our Attorney Packages offer an affordable way to finalize your Divorce while still benefiting from the advice and oversight of an experienced Divorce Lawyer.


Legal Action Workshop helps with Family Law matters throughout California. Here are a few of the most common matters.


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Here are some common matters relating to Name Change (adult or minor) & Family Law.



"Legal Action workshop is one of the best qualities, cost conscious and gets the right results for the client. They go beyond advice in getting involved in knowing the client’s needs to get the right result. Special Thanks to Samantha who possess experience and knowledge. She’s energetic, organized, efficient, responsive and pleasant to work with..."Click Here For Full Review
Chris C., Los Angeles, CA

"I’m so glad I found Legal Action Workshop. My ex-husband and I are on good terms and we tried doing our divorce on our own. That was a disaster. I learned very quickly the courts are hard to deal with, want everything perfect and don’t like when people do them on their own because too many mistakes are made.…"Click Here For Full Review
Julie J., Irvine, CA

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Same Sex Divorce

Same sex couples may have filed for a ‘domestic partnership’ or they may have married. In the case of a domestic partnership, the process would begin with a termination of the partnership and would proceed as in a Divorce. When the partners are married, the dissolution of the marriage is the same as in any Divorce.

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Want to Divorce, But Don’t Know Where Your Spouse Is?

Divorcing a missing spouse in California can be time consuming. This type of divorce is called a ‘publication divorce’. It requires several steps such as a search based on the last known address and a publication. It usually takes about 1 year to complete.

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About Attorney Stephen Marc Drucker

Attorney Stephen Marc Drucker

Attorney Stephen Marc Drucker

Serving Los Angeles County & all of California

Owner/ Attorney

1-800-HELP-444 (1-800-435-7444)
Los Angeles: (310-470-3585)
Glendale: (818) 246-0073

Attorney Drucker has been involved in low flat fee law since his admission to the Bar in 1977. Early in his career, while in Northern California, he helped develop a standardized method of handling Divorce cases in a volume practice.

In 1978, Stephen moved to Los Angeles to further develop the Legal Action Workshop concept at L.A.W.’s first storefront office in Sherman Oaks. The concept provided low cost legal services in three main areas: Attorney-Assisted law (in pro per), document preparation and full representation.

Attorney Drucker developed a love of working with ordinary people and helping them solve their legal issues quickly and cost effectively.

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