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Our Experienced California Attorneys offer:

  • Confidential Lawyer consultations by phone or in person
  • Accurate, timely attention to the filing & processing of legal forms and legal documents
  • Legal advice and oversight throughout the process by our  experienced Attorneys
  • Friendly, efficient support by telephone, email or in person
  • Affordable LOW FLAT FEES

Our  Divorce Attorneys and Family Law Lawyers help people throughout California in the areas of Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment and other Family Law matters such as child custody & support as well as spousal support.

In addition, our Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers have more than 35 years' experience in handling estate matters. We also help with Bankruptcy, Civil, Criminal and other legal matters.

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Action Steps if your Spouse Committed Bigamy

If you find out that your spouse is not divorced from a previous spouse i.e. committed Bigamy, you can: 1. File for Annulment as Bigamy is a legal ground for Annulment 2. If a Divorce is in progress and not completed, your spouse could complete the Divorce then you could remarry if desired... Read More

Marriage when Spouse is Not Divorced

Why do people remarry when not Divorced? Bigamy (marrying when not divorced from a previous spouse) is illegal and can happen for a number of reasons: 1. Mistaken beliefs: People mistakenly believe that the 6 month 'waiting period' for a California Divorce means that 6 months after filing for Divorce you are automatically divorced! ... Read More