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Los Angeles Criminal Attorneys

If you have been charged with a crime:

  • Speak with an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Attorney
  • Protect your legal rights
  • We help throughout Los Angeles County

The presumption of innocence and the respect for the accused is key. 

Get the help you need for:

  • DUI
  • Drug violations
  • Expungement
  • Burglary
  • Assault
  • ...and more


  • For DUIs, make sure to submit to field tests even if you have been drinking
  • Remember, it's best NOT to drive if you drink more than the allowable limit!


  • When arrested for a drug violation, burglary or assault etc. get the legal advice you need from an experienced Criminal Lawyer to assure the best possible outcome.

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Be Polite and Courteous:

No matter what the crime, whether a DUI in Glendale, California or in Los Angeles County, drug offense or some other crime, interact with police officers in a calm, respectful, and appropriate manner.  This is always the best approach and will reward you in the end.  Officers will note your behavior in their reports.  Any belligerent outburst or tirade will likely be used against you and could also earn you additional charges.  

Expungements: Burying those Skeletons in your Closet:

An expungement is a dismissal motion which will, under certain circumstances, clear your record so that it is no longer publicly available.  California Penal Code Sections 1203.3 and 1203.4 set forth the basic rules for expungements.  First, here are some questions that need to be answered:

  1. Was your past conviction for a misdemeanor or a felony?
  2. Was probation granted and if so have you successfully completed probation?
  3. If you are eligible for expungement, what needs to be done?

An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer can prepare the Expungement if allowable.

Drug Arrests:

The importation and distribution of illegal drugs in California is closely watched due to the proximity to Mexico.  Although small amounts of marijuana has been largely decriminalized, anything over 28.5 grams may result in a charge of possession with intent to traffic.  Possession of other illegal drugs such as heroin, meth etc. as well as prescription drugs may likewise result in a felony charge.

Don't risk a conviction and possible jail time by not having an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Attorney on your side. Make sure that your rights are protected and not violated.

If you have been charged with a crime, your best course of action is to have a consultation with an experienced Criminal Attorney.  Your Attorney can advise you and give you your legal options.  Time wasted may signal more problems.  If you need help in Los Angeles County, Glendale California or Culver City, give us a call!  We can help!