What are the Steps Involved in a Publication Divorce?

A Publication Divorce is needed when the petitioner does not know where his/ her spouse lives or works and hence cannot serve the spouse with Divorce papers.  There are certain steps that have to be followed in order for the courts to have a ‘date of service’.

These steps include:

  1. file a petition for Divorce
  2. request a search for the spouse using the full name and last known address in a legal newspaper
  3. contact any persons found in the search
  4. contact the post office to stamp the form indicating that there is no forwarding address
  5. send a declaration that the person is not found
  6. request a judge to sign the order for publication
  7. publicize the divorce in a legal newspaper for a specified period of time, usually 30 days
  8. the 7th day after publication is complete will be the ‘date of service’
  9. default papers can be filed with the court after 30 days
  10. the Publication Divorce is typically finalized 6 months and 1 day from the ‘date of service’

A Publication Divorce is more complicated and takes longer than a typical Divorce.  It is best to make every effort to locate the spouse before considering a Publication Divorce.

However, if the spouse cannot be found, this is an approved method of finalizing  a Divorce.  As you can see from the number of steps needed, it is complicated and difficult to complete.  For a LOW FLAT FEE, Legal Action Workshop can do this for you.  For a Publication Divorce, please call Legal Action Workshop @ 800-HELP-444 (800-435-7444) or visit www.LegalActionWorkshopLAW.com.

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