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Divorce Attorney Los Angeles
The first question on the minds of those who wish to file for Divorce is, ‘What is the cost?‘. Legal Action Workshop, a Flat Fee Law Firm, offers 2 prices, namely $725 or $999 depending on whether you have children and/or property or not.  However, there are other factors that may impact the price for Divorce.

One of the most important factors is cooperation. If your spouse is cooperative, he/she can be served by mail and, if needed, an agreement can be prepared which would avoid a court appearance. In most cases this is an uncontested divorce and can be finalized for a reasonable rate. However, if your spouse does not wish to cooperate, he/she would typically be served by another adult (not a child of the marriage), sheriff or a process server. The fees for not cooperating are higher and vary depending on the situation. In most cases this would mean that the divorce is contested.

When the spouse ‘responds’ when served, an agreement would be needed in order to finalize the Divorce and avoid a court appearance.  If the spouse does not wish to sign an agreement, the parties typically go to trial (Note: filing fees are additional & may be waived by the court).  Here’s a comparison of the cost of cooperating vs not cooperating for a short marriage with no issues:

  1. the cost of a ‘default’ Divorce (when the respondent does not respond) with a short marriage, no issues and cooperation could be as low as $725 (flat fee cost of this type of Divorce)
  2. the cost of the same Divorce (short marriage, no issues) when the spouse ‘responds’ and is uncooperative could be in excess of $3,000 (usually much higher–dependent on the Attorney and his/her fee structure)

Another comparison of a marriage with issues when the parties cooperate and when they don’t:

  1. the cost of a Divorce wherein the parties agree on their issues could be as low as $1499 (flat fee cost of Divorce plus a Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulation)
  2. the cost of a Divorce without agreement on issues, and when the respondent ‘responds’ could be in excess of $5,000 (usually much higher–dependent on the Attorney and his/her fee structure)

Cooperation is extremely important. If there are no issues, then the parties can cooperate as to the process. If there are issues (spousal support, child support, child custody, division of property etc.), the parties can work to agree on them and have a marital settlement agreement or stipulation prepared. This would avoid further hearings or trial. Cooperation will lower the cost of Divorce substantially.

Attorneys typically charge hourly/retainer fees or flat fees.  An hourly/retainer Attorney will be more costly than a flat rate Attorney. The parties will need legal advice to understand their issues and how to reasonably address them.

If you are interested in LOW FLAT FEES for your Divorce, give Legal Action Workshop a call @ 1-800-HELP-444 (1-800-435-7444) or visit our website for more information @ .

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  1. Can I reopen my divorce case ! I was a victim of domestic violence. My x never filed taxes worked for cash. He wants my pension . He never contribted towards it . Married for 23 years. I left to be safe from his abuse! I am a victim again . This why woman stay because we loose all we worked for . I didn’t take one thing from him his tools cars Ect. Can I reopen case to fight !

    • Cheryl:
      It sounds like your divorce case is already finalized. If you wish to file a motion to ‘set aside’ the judgment, it has to be filed 6 months from the entry of the judgment. This would allow you to file a response to the petition and go to trial.

  2. Dear sir or madam: I am Phillips Richard , looking for an attorney who would like to help me to finish divorcing with my wife Hong Zhang who has move her love heart to another guy for a long time. I don’t want to bear it for more longer. I will be appreciated if I can receive your response soon. Thanks and regards, Richard/626 393 5559

    • Richard:
      Yes, we can help. Do you know where your spouse is so that she can be served? Do you have children or property? Please call our offices at 818-630-5503 to discuss.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

  3. I’m still with my wife, we both want a divorce. My issue is that she has been unfaithful to many times the first time was thirteen years ago when after 2 year incarcerated I came home to my surprise she told me that she was pregnant from someone else. She got an abortion. We stood toghether. 7 years ago she was cheating on me. She and the man where at a bar outside they got robbed, she called me to pick her up. She now admitted. She was unfaithful. We both want a divorce. Can I get a divorce without paying spousal support? And child support?

    • Eddie:
      If your spouse would agree to not wanting spousal support or child support, the court in most cases would approve it–this would be accomplished by the preparation of a Marital Settlement Agreement. However, in most cases support is requested. Spousal support is based on a number of factors such as length of the marriage, income of both parties etc. The fact that your wife has had extramarital affairs is not a factor since California (as most of the states) is a ‘no fault’ state and as such infidelity is not a consideration. Child support is also based on factors such as income, age of child, custody/visitation schedule etc. It’s best to have a consult with an attorney to determine your legal rights and options. If you wish, you can call us @ 818-630-5503 to arrange a time.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

  4. Hello,
    I was married for 8 years and both decided to call it off. Marriage took place in Korea which I dont have any marriage certificate or any documents. Luckly, we dont have any kids nor does she want any of my assets. I would like to know the total cost for this. Thank you in advanced.

  5. I need help ASAP. My husband of 18 months is insane-literally. 6 weeks after our wedding he lost his job and the descent into crazy began. He was just released from a 4 day 5150 hold and immediately began screaming and going off the wall- cops came but won’t help. He hasnt worked for over a year, I need to get my daughter and I out of this hell. I do not know what to do because he has no job, no car, no friends and his family is in MA, (he had all of those things when we were married- he has lost it all) so I do not know where he would go or if I can even leave him or not. I am going to lose my mind. I want to hire someone immediately and file immediately. Please lmk if you can help.

    • Leeanna:
      Is your daughter a product of the marriage? Are you living in a rental? Is your name on the lease? Please call our offices @ 818-630-5503 to discuss further.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

  6. My wife have been together over 21 years married 13 only through county court. We have two children under the age of 18 and a home. I’d like to just liquidate everything and each walk away with our earnings and agree to take care of our children as civil adults. She’s threatens to get me for all the child support she can as well as spousal support, keep in mind she has worked throughout our entire time together. I’d just like to end this and walk away as unscathed as possible. I also want at the least 50% custody of my children or greater, but 50% is fine. We have ereconsilable differences. . Please contact me at 6198619421

    • Jose:
      Yes, we can help with your divorce but it sounds like your spouse is not going to be agreeable. If she wants more than you are willing to give her then she will ‘respond’ when served and you will be in a contested divorce. This can be costly. I would suggest that you have a consultation with an attorney so you understand your legal rights and what is reasonable in your case. We can help in a piece meal fashion for flat fees.
      If you would like to make a time to speak with our attorney, please call us @ 818-630-5503.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

  7. My wife and I have been married for 15yrs, we have no children together and no property other then a time share, and miscellaneous items, appliances,furniture etc, in our home we rent, also our net income is almost the same give or take a few hundred dollars. What would it cost to proceed for a divorce. And what would our obligation be individually as far as spousal support if any

    • Eric:
      Since you have been married over 10 years, spousal support is an issue. However, since you and your spouse earn approximately the same it would not appear that spousal support would be warranted. Do either you or your spouse have a retirement plan such as a 401K or IRA etc? These are considered property and would need to be divided based on what is in each etc. We have 2 fees for divorce either $725 or $999. The filing fee to the court is additional and is usually $435. You may require an agreement or proposed judgment depending on your issues—this would be an additional $500. Please call our offices to discuss @ 818-630-5503.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

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