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Santa Monica and Probate Matters

Santa Monica is a prime destination point for tourists due to its beautiful weather and easy access to the beach. It is also comprised of a highly educated single population. It may be surprising to note that there are more seniors living in Santa Monica than in other comparable cities in California ( With a high senior population there is always a need for Estate Planning documents like Wills, Trusts or Powers of Attorney (Financial Powers of Attorney as well as Healthcare Directives). The families of seniors may also need a Probate if the decedent did not have a Trust and there are assets to distribute.

However, if the decedent did not have a Trust, he/she may not have assets or may have assets of limited value. In addition, the decedent may have investments or other financial vehicles that already have beneficiaries associated with the account. If the decedent did not have a Trust, in most cases, the ownership of real estate will be the prime reason that a Probate may be needed.

If the decedent had real estate in Santa Monica, or in the surrounding cities of Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, West Los Angeles, Mar Vista or Venice, the heirs or beneficiaries may need to file a Probate. The first step, when a family member passes, is to speak with an experienced Probate Attorney so that the family understands the law and how it would apply to their particular case. The Attorney will analyze the different assets to determine if they would be part of a Probate. If real estate is involved, the Attorney would need to know the value of the property and who is on the deed. If the decedent had a valid Will, then the Will could be probated. An administrator, or executor, would then need to be appointed and a decision to keep or sell the property would need to be made.

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