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Legal Action Workshop, PC, a professional law corporation is a law firm that offers low flat fees for divorce and other family law matters in California. We have been practicing law in California for more than 35 years. We offer an alternative to the ‘full representation’ model that most Attorneys use which involves costly retainers and hourly fees. Our system is designed for anyone who cannot afford the high cost of a ‘full representation’ attorney or who does not wish to spend these high fees.

When you use our Attorney-assisted system, you get legal advice from an experienced Attorney. If it is convenient, you can come into our office located in Los Angeles County. If not, we offer legal advice by phone. With sound legal advice, you will be able to decide which option you wish to pursue. Our Attorney-assisted system offers a number of options for most Divorce and Family Law situations. You pay for what you need so that you are always aware of exactly what you are spending. There are no financial surprises. Our Divorces and Legal Separations start as low as $725. Our Annulments are as low as $799. We also prepare Paternity Actions for a low flat fee of $725. If a trial is necessary for any of these matters, we can prepare a trial brief and provide an Attorney for court, both for additional flat fees.

We also offer help for other Family matters such as Responses, Requests for Order and Restraining Orders. We give you legal advice and prepare the paperwork for a low flat fee. In addition, we can also help with providing an Attorney for these court hearings.

Legal Action Workshop has helped more than 30,000 people with Divorce and Family Law matters. We help you meet the challenges of the legal system with sound legal advice and accurate paperwork.

We provide a reliable alternative to the high cost of full representation by offering our Attorney-assisted method which allows you to complete your legal matter with Attorney oversight and low flat fees.

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