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There are times when heirs or beneficiaries need money right away.  If money is needed while the estate of a family member or loved one is in the process of a Probate and has not been finalized, there is a solution.

There are finance companies that will advance money to heirs or beneficiaries based on the value of the upcoming inheritance.  Be advised, however, that these finance companies charge a very high fee.

Usually the Probate Attorney will verify that the heir or beneficiary will receive a precise amount of money.  The Attorney will then have the person contact a finance company that would agree to the loan or be contacted by a company chosen by the client.

Once the client gets the needed money, the finance company files an assignment of interest with the court protecting their repayment of the loan.  When the estate closes, the finance company gets paid from the heir or beneficiary’s share of the estate.

If you have questions about a California Probate call Legal Action Workshop @ 1-800-HELP-444 (1-800-435-7444)!  Our experienced Los Angeles Probate Lawyers can answer your questions and help with providing needed cash while the Probate is in progress.  You can also visit our website,  for more information.



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