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Flat Fee Divorce Attorneys Serving All of Los Angeles County & California

From our office in Glendale and Los Angeles County our experienced lawyers offer:

  • Affordable LOW FLAT FEES
  • Confidential Lawyer consultations by phone or in person
  • Accurate, timely attention to the filing & processing of legal forms and legal documents
  • Legal advice and oversight throughout the process by our experienced Attorneys
  • Friendly, efficient support by telephone, email or in person

Our Divorce Attorneys and Family Law Lawyers help people throughout the Los Angeles County and California in the areas of Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment and other Family Law matters such as child custody & support as well as spousal support.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys Serving Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties:

Our Estate Planning & Probate Lawyers have more than 35 years’ experience:

  • We professionally prepare estate planning documents such as Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney for LOW FLAT FEES.
  • We also handle Probate which may occur when someone has passed away without a Trust and has assets that need to be distributed. Our FREE initial consultation will confirm our commitment to taking your Probate from the beginning stages through to the end, assuring that assets will be distributed quickly and accurately.

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Once purchased our staff will contact you same day or next business day to arrange for a consultation with the attorney by phone or in our office.

California Divorce No Children and No Property

California Divorce No Children and No Property



California Divorce Response

California Divorce



California Divorce with Children or Property

California Divorce with Children or Property



California Name Change

California Name



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  Reviews for Legal Action Workshop

119 customer reviews

Average rating:5

  Quick, effective...
I am an attorney myself so it is easy for me to spot effective and competent legal help. I utilized them for an adult adoption. This was work I could have done myself but thought it was more effective and expedient to have them do. They were quick, efficient and polite and did a wonderful job. ...
by Joy S on 01/09/2019
  Helpful and...
I’m definitely happy I used the Legal Action Workshop for my divorce. Samantha made this difficult process easy and efficient. She saved me a lot of time by giving me the step-by-step before I even had to speak with a lawyer. With consistent communication through emails and phone calls, the...
by Thomas H on 05/22/2018
  Great Service
I can highly recommend Legal Action Workshop! Samantha helped me from beginning to end and no matter how busy she always took the time to answer my questions and believe me I had a lot of questions. Thank you, Samantha!
by Fernando R on 03/16/2018
  satisfied customer
The overall experience I had with the staff was great. Making the process more at ease and reassuring my questions and concerns were met.
by Emma G on 03/06/2018
Very happy with the service provided by Legal Action Workshop, especially Samantha. She responded to each and every one of my inquiries very quickly and it was obvious that she knew her stuff. My case was fairly straight forward, but the process and paperwork can be daunting nonetheless. Legal...
by Yvonne R on 02/14/2018
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