Divorce by Publication in California


We prepare & file a Publication Divorce in Los Angeles County.

Legal Action Workshop offers an Attorney-assisted approach to Divorce which entails 
legal advice, and paperwork prepared & processed in the court. We do not fully represent
the client. We facilitate all the steps needed for a Publication Divorce and, when 
complete, the parties will be divorced.

Have you lost touch with your spouse and no longer know where he/she resides? You can still get divorced with a ‘Publication Divorce’.

Here’s what you get when you purchase this package:

  • Confidential consultations with one of our expert Publication Divorce Attorneys to answer your questions and offer legal advice
  • We file your Divorce in the appropriate court, then perform the required Search; once the Search is complete and the spouse is not found, we request that the Judge signs the order to Publicize; we complete the Publication and finalize your Divorce
  • If your spouse is found, he/she is served by mail; if there is no response, the Divorce is finalized by ‘default’; if he/she responds, your Attorney will advise
  • We provide additional consultations as needed throughout the process
  • NOTE: if you have children or property the Publication Divorce fee is $1,999 due to the additional requirements needed


Filing fees and other fees (search, publication and judge signing) are additional; the filing fee is usually $435 in most counties (this can be waived by the court based on income); the search is usually $100; the publication is about $600+ depending on the last known address (we will let you know what the publication fee is); judge signing is usually $20; the courts sometimes require process serving as an additional step.

On average our clients save at least $2,500 with this Divorce package!

Your consultation with one of our experienced Divorce Attorneys will be scheduled within one business day of your purchase, to ensure timely action.

A Publication Divorce usually takes 12+ months to complete due to the longer time frame required to do a search and the publication.

You must be a resident of California to file (must live in California for at least 6 months and in the county for at least 3 months).

A Publication Divorce is based on the last known address of your spouse. This address should be in Los Angeles County.

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