California Divorce Response


By Phone or In Person

We do it all–the processing and the paperwork!

Legal Action Workshop offers an Attorney-assisted approach to Divorce & Response 
to Divorce. We provide legal advice, and paperwork prepared & processed in the court. 
We do not fully represent the client. Filing a Response will protect the client's 
legal rights.

When you have been served with a Divorce petition, you have 30 days to file a Response.

This package includes:

  • Confidential consultations with our experienced Divorce Lawyer to answer your legal questions and offer legal advice
  • Accurate preparation of your California Divorce Response
  • The filing of the Response documents in the appropriate court. NOTE: The filing fee is additional $435 in most counties and may be waived by the court based on income. Your Attorney will advise.
  • The preparation of the service documents
  • The service of said documents by mail to the spouse or assistance in service
  • The filing of the proof of service to the court
  • The completion and service by mail of disclosure statements to spouse and the filing of proof of service of disclosures to court
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Your consultation with the Divorce Lawyer will be scheduled within one business day of your purchase to ensure timely action.

Once you respond, you are now ‘in the case’ and can secure a trial date if your spouse fails to do so. You may require a Trial Brief and other documents for the trial. Your Attorney will advise.

If, after responding, your spouse wishes to agree on the disputed issues, a Stipulation can be prepared which would, in most cases, avoid a court appearance. Your Attorney will advise.

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