California Divorce with Children or Property


By Phone or In Person

We do it all–the process and the service!

Legal Action Workshop offers an Attorney-assisted approach to Divorce which entails 
legal advice, and paperwork prepared & processed in the court. We do not fully represent
the client. When the parties are cooperative & agreements prepared, a court appearance 
is usually not necessary.


This package includes:

  • Confidential consultations with one of our expert Divorce Lawyers to answer legal questions and offer legal advice
  • The professional preparation of divorce court documents
  • The filing of divorce documents in the appropriate court. NOTE: Filing fee is additional $435 in most counties and may be waived by the court based on income. Your Attorney will advise.
  • The preparation of the service documents for spouse and service of said documents by mail (or help with alternative service)
  • The entering of a default (after the 30 day wait period from the date of service) when the spouse does not respond (this may require a ‘proposed judgment’ & a default hearing OR a Marital Settlement Agreement in which all issues are addressed & agreed upon).  An additional fee of $700 approximate will be required in either case. Your Attorney will advise.
  • Further advice when the spouse decides not to agree and files a ‘response’. In this case the divorce is contested. The parties may still agree on their issues and if they do so the Attorney would prepare a ‘stipulated judgment’ which in most cases avoids a court appearance and the divorce will be finalized. Your Attorney will advise.
  • When the divorce is contested, Legal Action can still help for low flat fees. Your Attorney will advise as to legal options.


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Your consultation will be scheduled within one business day to ensure timely action.

You or your spouse must be a resident of California to file (live in CA for at least 6 months and in the county for at least 3 months).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I file in California if I was married in another state or country? In which county would I file?
Filing for Divorce is based on where you live—not where you were married. In order to file in California, you must reside in the state for at least 6 months while in the county for 3 months.

Is the filing fee included in the Legal Action Workshop Divorce price?
No, the filing fee is additional. The filing fee is $435 in most counties and may be waived by the court based on your income.

How long does a Divorce take?
It takes a minimum of 6 months and 1 day from the date of service but could take longer depending on circumstances.

Can I serve my spouse personally?
No, your spouse can be served by mail if he/she is cooperative, personally by another adult who is not a child of the marriage or by a process server or sheriff.

Will I have to go to court?
Most divorces that are uncontested do not require a court appearance. Likewise, divorces in which there are no issues and that end in a ‘default’ (when the respondent does not respond) do not require a court appearance. However, a ‘default’ Divorce with issues will require an appearance before the judge. In addition, a ‘contested’ Divorce (one in which both parties do not agree on their issues) would require a trial so that the issues can be addressed.

Can I still get divorced even if my spouse refuses to sign the papers?
Yes you can still get divorced. Your spouse will need to be served personally by another adult or process server and once service is made the divorce can proceed. If your spouse resides out of state, he/she may also be served by certified mail.

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