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The term ‘Full Representation’ as it pertains to a California Divorce means that the Attorney is the ‘Attorney of Record’ for the case. In this regard the Attorney will typically charge a retainer and hourly rates for time spent on the case, in the court or in conversation with the client.’Full Representation’ is not the only way that Attorneys can help with Divorce. There are some Attorneys who offer ‘unbundled’ legal services or ‘limited scope’ services which allow the Attorneys to offer flat fees. In this case the Attorney would not be the ‘Attorney of Record’.

Legal Action Workshop offers LOW FLAT FEES for the preparation and processing of Divorce paperwork. Further, Legal Action Workshop can also provide lawyers in court as needed. Now you can have the ‘best of both worlds’–low flat fees AND the Attorney advice and oversight you need to take your Divorce through the courts.

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