We prepare a Living Trust in Los Angeles & Orange Counties.

Here’s what you get when you purchase this Trust Package:

  • Confidential consultations with the Trust Lawyer to advise and answer your questions
  • Discussion of legal terms such as trustee, assets, beneficiaries and other terms that pertain to your specific situation
  • Accurate Attorney preparation of your Trust
  • Preparation of the transfer deed(s)
  • The deed(s) is recorded
  • The Trust needs to be notarized
  • The original Trust should be stored in a safe place

We prepare your Trust from our office in Glendale, California!

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Recording and notarization fees additional.

This package includes 1 property; $150 additional for each property above one.

Legal Action Workshop will call you to schedule your consultation with your Estate Planning Attorney within one business day of purchase.

A Trust in California avoids the substantial cost and time associated with a Probate. A Trust allows the property and/ or assets of a deceased person to be transferred to those entitled to receive the assets in a matter of days or weeks.

Other names for a Trust are a Living Trust or Revocable Trust. Both of these Trusts will avoid Probate.

A Revocable Trust allows you to amend or terminate the Trust at any time you choose, as opposed to an Irrevocable Trust, which cannot be changed.

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