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An annulment is a special case in which the courts void the marriage as if it never took place.The courts will only do this in special circumstances–these are called ‘legal grounds’.

An example of a ‘legal ground’ for annulment would be if someone married another for immigration reasons. Another ‘legal ground’ is if someone was not divorced before they married again i.e. the person committed bygamy. There are other grounds for annulment.

A consultation with the attorney can determine if you have grounds for annulment or not and what your options are.

Many people think that a short marriage could automatically be annulled–this is not true. The length of time of a marriage does not necessarily mean that there would be grounds for annulment. Further, if the respondent contests the annulment, it is often not allowed to proceed.

Most courts require a court appearance for an annulment. Some,however, allow for a declaration instead of a court appearance. Your attorney will advise.

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