Custody may be an issue when parents have children and are married and divorced, married and separated or never married. Child custody and visitation is an issue that is often contested in California family court. There are 2 kinds of custody:

  1. Legal custody
  2. Physical custody

Legal custody is usually shared and involves making decisions regarding education, healthcare and religion. Physical custody is where the child primarily lives. Sometimes parents opt for shared physical custody, but usually one parent is awarded physical custody and the other gets visitation. The amount of time spent with the child affects child support.
If parents contest the custody, the court will look at the facts and determine what is in the best interest of the child. Custody can also be uncontested and by agreement of both parents. If agreements are made, a court appearance would not be necessary.
When a parent files for Divorce, he/ she may also file an Order to Show Cause for temporary orders while the Divorce is in progress. This may address the custody and visitation of children, as well as support. Once the Divorce is finalized a specific custody, visitation and support order is included. When parents separate, whether it is a legal separation or not, a parent may file for an Order to Show Cause to address custody, visitation and support of children if the parent wishes to have court orders. Likewise, if the parents were never married and file a Paternity Action, a parent would include in the action a request for custody, visitation and support of children.

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