California Child Custody & Visitation Laws

Many California parents have difficulty establishing custody and visitation rights for their children.  They may have separated and are not speaking to each other or they may have verbal agreements for custody and visitation that are not followed. This is frustrating for both parties. Parents may be … Read more about California Child Custody & Visitation Laws

Five Steps to an Uncontested Divorce

An 'uncontested Divorce' is simply a Divorce in which the parties agree to cooperate. If the parties have no issues, then they agree as to the Divorce process. If they have issues, then they will agree on all the issues and have the necessary paperwork prepared so that a court appearance would not, … Read more about Five Steps to an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce and Temporary Orders

Many people are confused when it comes to 'temporary orders' and 'permanent orders'. When a Divorce is filed, the parties may need or want 'temporary orders' while the Divorce proceeds through the court. A Divorce may take more than a year to get to the trial phase (if the parties are not in … Read more about Divorce and Temporary Orders

Divorce When You Can’t Find your Spouse

Filing for Divorce necessitates serving the spouse. However, if you do not know where your spouse is, how do you proceed? The answer, in California, is to file for a 'Publication Divorce'. A Publication Divorce is a procedure that involves a number of steps.  Here is a list of the steps needed: … Read more about Divorce When You Can’t Find your Spouse

5 Surprising Divorce Facts

It is important to be aware that Divorce is not handled in the same way in every state. Often when searching for information online, the facts displayed are not state-specific. Here are 5 surprising Divorce facts that pertain to California: Divorce takes a minimum of 6 months and one day from … Read more about 5 Surprising Divorce Facts

Divorce or Annulment?

In California, Divorce and Annulment are very different legal matters. Here are five main differences: The most often used legal ground for Divorce does not have to be proven but simply stated i.e. 'irreconcilable differences' which simply means that the parties do not get along. 'Incurable … Read more about Divorce or Annulment?

When a Spouse leaves the Home & takes the Child

It is very upsetting when a spouse decides to vacate the home without telling the other party where he/she is going.  It's even worse when the spouse takes a child as well!  There are several recommended steps when confronted with a situation like this: Try to locate the spouse by contacting … Read more about When a Spouse leaves the Home & takes the Child

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