Divorce is like a Chess Game

In order to be successful at divorce, one should consider the steps in the same way that one would consider the prospect of winning a game of chess. In chess, the first step is to understand the rules of the game. At the very least, if one does not understand the rules, one certainly would not win. Once one understands the rules, the next step is to think about strategy. Being strategic as to which moves to make and when is what most chess players think about in order to win.

In contrast, most litigants who wish to file for divorce do not take the time to understand the rules of the court—the court process. They also typically do not take the time to develop a strategic approach to divorce. Without understanding the rules and developing a strategic approach, litigants are doomed to reactionary behavior that wastes time and money in court.

The best approach to divorce is to first understand the legal process as well as what is reasonable. An experienced divorce lawyer can provide this information. The next step is to develop a strategy in which both parties can win. Yes, a ‘good’ divorce is one in which both parties negotiate an agreement that is reasonable and fair.

Legal Action Workshop helps people understand their legal rights and develop a reasonable strategy. Call 1-800-HELP-444 when you want to win at divorce.

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