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The Quickest Way to Divorce in California

Attorney Stephen Drucker ready to help!When a person decides to divorce, he/she usually wants to do it as quickly as possible. The parties involved may have tried therapy or counseling or they may just realize that the marriage is not working. Sometimes they are already separated and now wish to … Read more about The Quickest Way to Divorce in California

How to Lower your Divorce Costs

Most people want to save money on their divorce. In California, there are ways to do this. California is very supportive of those who wish to file their divorce ‘in pro per’ or without legal representation. Although litigants can save money handling their case without a lawyer, they can also waste … Read more about How to Lower your Divorce Costs

How Divorce is like a Chess Game

In order to be successful at divorce, one should consider the steps in the same way that one would consider the prospect of winning a game of chess. In chess, the first step is to understand the rules of the game. At the very least, if one does not understand the rules, one certainly would not win. … Read more about How Divorce is like a Chess Game

In Pro Per Divorce

The term ‘In Pro Per’ simply means that a person who is filing for divorce does not have an ‘attorney of record’ for his/her case. An ‘attorney of record’ for a case means that the divorce attorney listed ‘fully represents’ the client.Attorneys that ‘fully represent’ for divorce typically do so … Read more about In Pro Per Divorce

What is a Petitioner in a Divorce?

A ‘petitioner’ in a Divorce is the one who files for Divorce. In this case one spouse (the petitioner) will complete the information required on the ‘petition’. This is then filed with the court. Sometimes both parties file for Divorce and when this happens the first person who files will be … Read more about What is a Petitioner in a Divorce?

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