Everyone wants a cheap divorce. The question is–how to get a low cost divorce that is both easy and gives you the desired outcome? Follow these 10 steps which will almost certainly assure success.

1.) Resist the temptation to sign up for a divorce initially as this is the time when your emotions may overtake your reason. Take a deep breath and try to be calm.

2.) Make an initial list of what you would want from the divorce (Why an Uncontested Divorce is Cheaper). Consider spousal support, custody (if you have a child), division of any real estate you may have as well as other assets and debts. In the event that you may not want anything, think about what your spouse may want.

3.) Gather together supporting documents such as tax returns, pay stubs, deed(s) to property, investments, retirements funds, credit card debt etc. If none of these items pertain to you then skip this step.

4.) From your documents, jot down income, the value of property you may have, the value of your assets as well as the amount of debt as well as any other numbers that may be important to your divorce.

5.) Put together questions for an experienced divorce attorney. Most importantly, you will want to know what you can reasonably expect.

6.) Speak with a divorce attorney. It is often free. Make sure to discuss her/his fee schedule. Do not sign a contract at this time.

7.) Make an attempt to speak with your spouse. Try to forge agreements with regard to any issues you may have.

8.) Give your spouse some time to come back to you with her/his desires and suggestions. If possible you want this to be a collaborative effort.

9.) Now is the time to evaluate your options. An online divorce will be very cheap, but will provide you with documents that may or may not be correct. In addition, you will need to perform the process i.e. filing, serving as well as entering final documents which is difficult. This type of divorce is not recommended. In contrast, an hourly/retainer attorney will be costly. However, a flat fee attorney will be low cost and will provide you with the proper paperwork while handling the process. She/he will also be available for legal questions. This is the type of attorney we would recommend for most people.

10.) Choose a flat fee attorney that offers you low cost, prepares the paperwork and handles the process. It is time to begin the divorce process.

The reason that I suggest a flat fee attorney is because most people cannot afford an hourly/retainer attorney. In addition, most divorces do not require full representation. However, an attorney is needed so that you understand your legal rights and can be assured that the process will be handled correctly. A divorce with Legal Action Workshop, a flat fee law firm, can be as little as $725 (plus the filing fee, which may be waived based on income). Follow the steps outlined above. Choose wisely so that your divorce will be affordable and done right!

Legal Action Workshop can be reached @ 1-800-HELP-444 or by using our Live Chat feature. We’re ready to help!

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