An uncontested Divorce is a Divorce in which there are either no issues and the parties are cooperative, or there are issues and the parties agree as to how to resolve them. Issues are things like spousal support, child support, child custody, division of assets and division of debt. There may be other issues as well.

In a short marriage with no children or property as well as no desire for spousal support, there would not be any issues that would need to be addressed by the court.  This type of Divorce can be finalized without a court appearance in most cases. Often, in these instances, the Respondent does not Respond and the Divorce is finalized by ‘default’. This type of Divorce is cheaper because it requires less paperwork, less time and no court appearance.

However, in a marriage of any length when there are issues to address, the parties can agree on them.  The best approach is to speak with an experienced Divorce Lawyer who can analyze the specific circumstances and determine if  there are issues as well as how to address the issues in a reasonable way.

In addition, the Attorney will be able to explain the client’s legal rights with regard to support, custody, division of property etc.  This information will help in negotiating a reasonable approach to the issues.  Again, an uncontested Divorce with issues is less costly mainly because a court appearance, in most instances, is not needed and the issues are usually handled in a timely manner by the preparation of a Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulation.

An uncontested Divorce is the preferred method of Divorce for a number of reasons:

  1. it is cheaper
  2. it is less stressful
  3. it does not require a court appearance in most cases

Legal Action Workshop has had more than 35 years’ experience with uncontested Divorces.  We have also prepared thousands of Marital Settlement Agreements as well as Stipulations which address the issues of the Divorce thus avoiding a court appearance in most instances.  Please call us at 1-800-HELP-444 (1-800-435-7444) or visit our website for more information @ .


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