Yes, you do need a lawyer when you are considering a divorce. The reason for this is that you need legal advice which can only be given by an attorney.

A Flat Fee Attorney is Cost Effective for Divorce:

You may be thinking that a divorce lawyer is too expensive. However, not all divorce lawyers charge for divorce services in the same way. Some attorneys, like those at Legal Action Workshop, offer low flat fees for divorce and family law matters. Other attorneys charge an hourly rate and request a retainer. It’s best to consider which type of attorney suits your needs based on the type of case you have and your financial abilities.

A Flat Fee Attorney is Appropriate for a Short Marriage:

When you have a simple situation such as a short marriage with no property or children, a flat fee attorney may be appropriate. However, you may still have questions. What happens if your spouse is not cooperative? You may have a debt that you wish to address. Is there a car with your spouse’s name on it? You may have other questions. An experienced divorce lawyer can answer these questions and advise you as to whether you should try to get an agreement regarding your issues or if it’s even worth it to take the matter to trial. A consultation with the attorney is your opportunity to discuss these issues and make sound legal decisions based on the advice given.

A Flat Fee Attorney can also work in more Complicated Situations:

However, you may have a more complex situation. When you have a marriage over 10 years there are certain provisions for spousal support. The attorney will advise you as to your legal rights for support and for how long. You may also have children (under 18 years of age) and have questions about child support, custody and visitation. Lawyers have a software program called a ‘dissomaster’ that can determine child support based on a number of factors. In addition, there may be assets and debts that need to be divided. California is a community property state and as such there are provisions for what is considered community and a reasonable way to address these issues.

Once you are informed as to how the law relates to your situation you can make appropriate decisions. Many couples decide to agree on their issues and, as a result, do not need to make a court appearance. This is the best way to finalize a divorce.

When you do not agree on the Issues of your Divorce:

For those who cannot agree on issues, they may need temporary orders for support or custody etc and may require a trial as well. This is the most costly way to finalize a divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer will guide you through the choices and give you reasonable expectations.

A flat fee divorce lawyer can help by providing legal advice and paperwork as well as court appearances for a flat fee (the appearance is called ‘limited scope’). Flat fee attorneys may also offer other kinds of services. This is the most cost effective way to divorce.

An hourly/ retainer divorce attorney can also help with all stages of a divorce but the cost is substantially higher. This may be a good option for those in a contested situations, those involved in custody battles and/or those involved in disputes over property and/or debt.

In conclusion, it’s best to consult with an experienced divorce attorney when you are considering a divorce. By doing this you will be able to make sound legal decisions which will result in the greatest chance of success.

Legal Action Workshop offers low flat fees and is ready to advise you in divorce and family law matters.  Call 1-800-HELP-444 for fast help!

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