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When a person decides to divorce, he/she usually wants to do it as quickly as possible. The parties involved may have tried therapy or counseling or they may just realize that the marriage is not working. Sometimes they are already separated and now wish to divorce. Some may want to remarry and realize that they need to divorce first.

Most people want a Quick Divorce:

Whatever the circumstance, the main desire is to find the quickest way to finalize the divorce. In California, the quickest time frame for a divorce is 6 months and 1 day from the date of service. Be advised that this is the minimum time frame! A divorce in California can take a lot longer.

How to assure that the Divorce will be finalized timely:

The way to minimize the time period for divorce is to ensure that both parties are cooperative with regard to the filing of divorce, the service of documents and the signing and/ or notarizing of final documents and/ or agreements. In addition, make sure that the paperwork is correct and that it is processed accurately.

Here are some of the reasons why a Divorce may take a lot longer:

  1. The parties are not cooperative
  2. The paperwork is not prepared correctly
  3. The process is not followed as per the rules of the court

When the paperwork is not correct, the court will reject it. This only delays the process. Further, when court papers are not sent into the court correctly, the papers will also be rejected. To avoid these delays it’s best to have the divorce handled correctly from the beginning.

An Experienced Divorce Lawyer can minimize the Divorce time frame:

By consulting with an experienced divorce lawyer, you will understand your legal rights and ensure that the paperwork is prepared and filed without error. When needed, an attorney can also prepare a legally sound agreement. The Legal Action Workshop law firm offers a low flat fee for an uncontested or amicable divorce and this fee also includes the paperwork and the process.

In essence, if you really want a quick divorce speak with an experienced divorce lawyer who can advise you and handle the paperwork and process correctly. In addition, make sure to forge agreements with your spouse. Call the Legal Action Workshop Law Firm @ 1-800-HELP-444 for a quick low cost uncontested divorce!

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