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Online Divorce Option

Most people want an easy divorce. This is understandable. They feel that they made a mistake and now that they realize it, they wish to put it behind them as quickly as possible. Some of these people go to the internet looking for easy solutions. When considering getting a divorce online, make sure you know what you are getting and what you are NOT getting!

Remember, Every Marriage is Different

Marriages are different and therefore have different issues. Some people are involved in a short marriage (under 5 years) with no children or property, while others may have a long marriage with children and/or property. Each situation is different as far as the court is concerned.

In California, a marriage over 10 years is considered a ‘long’ marriage and, in this case, spousal support may be awarded for life i.e. until the person paying it passes away or until the person receiving it passes away or remarries. It’s important to understand the issues specific to your situation.

Here are some things to consider before you purchase an online divorce:

1. Legal advice from an experienced attorney is very important. Without legal advice, you will not know what specific issues pertain to your divorce; you may also find that you have questions for the attorney throughout the process
2. Paperwork needs to be correct. Remember that the California courts can reject your paperwork anytime in the process and often they wait until the end to do so!
3. The process is usually not included–which is the part that most people get wrong. The divorce process involves filing, serving, and finalizing (by default, by agreement or by trial) and can be time consuming and confusing
3. If the parties are not in agreement or disagree at some point in the process then the divorce will be contested and may require a trial in order to finalize, and more attorney assistance

Online Divorce Options are Often Just Paperwork

Unfortunately, the vast majority of options for divorcing online only offer paperwork. Most do not offer the ability to speak with an attorney in the state in which you file. Those that offer legal assistance, usually offer a consultation for an additional fee. The option for legal oversight of the paperwork & the process is usually not offered. Once you get the paperwork, the responsibility for the process i.e. filing, serving, & finalizing the process is up to you. Here’s where most people flounder because the process is difficult & time consuming.

Legal Action Workshop is a law firm that offers an online divorce option that begins with a consultation with the attorney (by phone or in person), and includes paperwork completed correctly as well as the divorce process. No matter which online divorce you choose, make sure that attorney legal advice, paperwork and the process are included. This will assure your greatest success.

If you are looking for an affordable & easy divorce, we can help!

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