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Here are some common matters relating to Name Change (adult or minor) & Family Law.



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Same Sex Divorce

Same sex couples may have filed for a ‘domestic partnership’ or they may have married. In the case of a domestic partnership, the process would begin with a termination of the partnership and would proceed as in a Divorce. When the partners are married, the dissolution of the marriage is the same as in any Divorce.

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Want to Divorce, But Don’t Know Where Your Spouse Is?

Divorcing a missing spouse in California can be time consuming. This type of divorce is called a ‘publication divorce’. It requires several steps such as a search based on the last known address and a publication. It usually takes about 1 year to complete.

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How Much does a Divorce Attorney Cost?

Most people think that a Divorce attorney is too expensive.  This is not true!  Although most attorneys charge retainer and hourly rates, not all attorneys do this.  There are more and more attorneys today who offer flat fees to clients. People who wish to divorce need legal advice and legal oversight so that they understand their legal options.  They… Read More >>

What is the Cost of a CA Divorce?

The first question on the minds of those who wish to file for Divorce is, ‘What is the cost?‘. Legal Action Workshop, a Flat Fee Law Firm, offers 2 prices, namely $725 or $999 depending on whether you have children and/or property or not.  However, there are other factors that may impact the price for Divorce. One… Read More >>

A Cooperative Spouse Makes for an Easy Divorce

The best way to divorce in California is with cooperation. That’s right, when your spouse is cooperative you will spend less money on your divorce! It will also take less time. Further, you won’t need to take time off work in most instances. You will not have to provide a babysitter for children! You won’t… Read More >>

California Child Custody & Visitation Laws

Many California parents have difficulty establishing custody and visitation rights for their children.  They may have separated and are not speaking to each other or they may have verbal agreements for custody and visitation that are not followed. This is frustrating for both parties. Parents may be unaware that the best way to handle custody &… Read More >>

What does In Pro Per Mean for a California Divorce?

Legal terminology can be confusing. In order to understand the term ‘in pro per‘ it is important to understand what ‘representation’ means as it applies to Divorce. The term ‘representation‘ in a Divorce typically means ‘full representation‘ which is explained as follows: The Attorney will represent you in all areas of the Divorce and he/she will… Read More >>

Serving Someone in Prison

The problem of serving someone in prison is understandable. Many who are filing for divorce, or other legal matters, or who are filing for a change to an existing court order may not know where to start. First, you would need to know in which facility the person is located. He/she may be incarcerated in… Read More >>

Is an Attorney Needed for an Uncontested Divorce?

The short answer to this question is YES! As we know, the best kind of Divorce is an ‘Uncontested Divorce‘ or a Divorce in which the parties are cooperative. An uncontested Divorce can be ‘with issues’ or ‘without issues’.  There are 3 reasons why an Attorney is needed for an uncontested Divorce: The Attorney would… Read More >>

How to Encourage Cooperation in Divorce

When one party is considering a Divorce or a Legal Separation, it is very important to consider all the options that would entice the spouse to cooperate. The simple reason for this is that the cost will be considerably less. The best way to know all the options is to consult with an experienced Divorce or… Read More >>

In Pursuit of a Happy Divorce

It may seem like an oxymoron–but it is possible to have a ‘happy divorce’. Most of the time, Divorce is a very stressful and unhappy experience. However, an ‘uncontested divorce’ is usually not. This is a Divorce in which both parties agree on their issues and strive to find common ground. Once their issues are… Read More >>

5 Steps to an Easy Divorce

Divorce can be easy. This usually occurs when the parties understand their legal rights and agree to cooperate. Here are the 5 steps needed to insure an easy Divorce: meet with an experienced Divorce attorney understand your legal rights discuss any issues with spouse and try to reasonably negotiate each issue choose an attorney who… Read More >>

Five Steps to an Uncontested Divorce

An ‘uncontested Divorce‘ is simply a Divorce in which the parties agree to cooperate. If the parties have no issues, then they agree as to the Divorce process. If they have issues, then they will agree on all the issues and have the necessary paperwork prepared so that a court appearance would not, in most… Read More >>

What if Spouse won’t Sign Divorce Papers?

The question ‘What if my spouse won’t sign the Divorce papers?’ is often asked, but few understand what it means! When a Divorce is begun, the petitioner will file a petition. However, this is not the start date of the Divorce! The Divorce begins on the date of service. ‘Service’ is a formal notification that… Read More >>

Five Contested Divorce Mistakes

There will always be divorces in which the parties are not cooperative and do not agree on their issues. Often people who are involved in contested divorces make mistakes which can waste money and cause the divorce to take much longer than it should. It goes without saying that the parties should try to understand… Read More >>

How to Avoid Divorce and have a Long & Happy Marriage

Many people marry–but how many actually stay married for more than 11 years?  In California the Divorce rate is pretty high, in fact approximately 75% of marriages end in Divorce!  This is staggering! Two UCLA psychologists studied the effect of commitment on a marriage.  They studied 172 newlyweds over an 11 year period and their… Read More >>

Same Sex Divorce

Same sex couples may have filed for a ‘domestic partnership’ or they may have married. In the case of a domestic partnership, the process would begin with a  termination of the partnership and would proceed as in a Divorce. When the partners are married, the dissolution of the marriage is the same as in any… Read More >>

Want to Divorce, But Don’t Know Where Your Spouse Is?

Divorcing a missing spouse in California can be time consuming. This type of divorce is called a ‘publication divorce’. It requires several steps such as a search based on the last known address and a publication. It usually takes about 1 year to complete. Watch Legal Action Workshop’s Video on divorcing a missing spouse below…. Read More >>

What is a Flat Fee Divorce?

There are different types of divorce lawyers and they offer different fee schedules. A flat fee divorce saves the most money and can help the majority of people in California and in Los Angeles specifically. Watch Legal Action Workshop’s video about flat fee divorce below. Share

Adult Adoption – California

An adult adoption in California is more common than you may think. There are times when an adult raises a child who is not their biological child. Once the child is an adult, both people may wish to make their relationship formal by filing adult adoption papers. Watch Legal Action Workshop’s Video on adult adoption… Read More >>

California Child Custody Laws

Understanding child custody laws in California can be difficult, especially when both spouses do not agree on the details of child custody and/or child visitation. In California, child custody and visitation can be handled through the divorce process, or if not married, by way of a paternity action. Custody can also be addressed by filing… Read More >>

How Much Does an Easy Divorce Cost?

In California, when people refer to an easy divorce, they are most likely talking about an uncontested divorce in which the parties are cooperative. The cost of an easy divorce depends largely on whether or not there are issues such as property, child support, etc. A consultation with an attorney will determine whether an agreement… Read More >>

How Do I Get a Divorce Decree in California?

The only way to get a California divorce decree is through the court. The divorce would need to be filed and served upon the other party. The divorce can be finalized by ‘default’ if the respondent does not respond or by agreement or trial. More information on getting a divorce decree in Los Angeles or… Read More >>

How to Win in a Divorce

The best way to win in a divorce is to first understand your legal rights and options and then to try to cooperate with your spouse. An uncontested divorce is the least costly way to divorce. For most people, a flat fee attorney provides an affordable way to finalize a divorce. For more information about… Read More >>


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When your Divorce is in Limbo

There are many reasons why a Divorce may be in limbo. Here are some of them: There may be a problem with ‘service’. The petitioner (the one who files for Divorce) may not know the address of the spouse or the spouse is not cooperative and will not sign the ‘proof of service’. If the address… Read More >>

When your Spouse Responds to Divorce

A ‘response’ to Divorce doesn’t always mean that you will need to go to trial. Your spouse may respond for a number of reasons: Your spouse may think that he/she needs to ‘respond’ because the service documents include a blank ‘response’ form. If there are no issues and the parties are cooperative, the respondent (the one who… Read More >>

When to File a Los Angeles Probate

It is important to get legal advice from an experienced Probate Attorney in order to determine if a Probate needs to be filed in Los Angeles County and what kind of Probate would be filed.  The laws regarding Probate may be different in each state. In California a Will does not avoid Probate–a Trust does… Read More >>

Don’t File for Divorce without Legal Advice

By attempting to Divorce without legal advice, you risk being stuck in ‘Divorce limbo’, having your Divorce paperwork rejected by the court or getting a settlement that is not legally appropriate. Here are 5 reasons why ‘not getting legal advice’ is bad for you: Without legal advice, you will not know your legal rights Without legal advice, you… Read More >>

When You Need a Divorce Lawyer

When you need a Divorce Lawyer, the first thing that you should remember is ‘don’t panic!’.  Yes, even if your spouse has left and is taking assets! There are plenty of Lawyers who can help you. The key question is to find the ‘right’ Lawyer! The first step is to step back and look at… Read More >>

Divorce and Temporary Orders

Many people are confused when it comes to ‘temporary orders’ and ‘permanent orders’. When a Divorce is filed, the parties may need or want ‘temporary orders’ while the Divorce proceeds through the court. A Divorce may take more than a year to get to the trial phase (if the parties are not in agreement) so… Read More >>

Your Choices When Served with Divorce

If you have been served with Divorce papers in Los Angeles County, you have also received the blank Response to Divorce paperwork.  Does this mean you must respond?  Here’s some things to think about before you respond: Speak to an experienced Divorce Attorney to determine your legal rights and options and to understand whether you… Read More >>

Divorce When You Can’t Find your Spouse

Filing for Divorce necessitates serving the spouse. However, if you do not know where your spouse is, how do you proceed? The answer, in California, is to file for a ‘Publication Divorce’. A Publication Divorce is a procedure that involves a number of steps.  Here is a list of the steps needed: file the petition… Read More >>

5 Surprising Divorce Facts

It is important to be aware that Divorce is not handled in the same way in every state. Often when searching for information online, the facts displayed are not state-specific. Here are 5 surprising Divorce facts that pertain to California: Divorce takes a minimum of 6 months and one day from the date of service–it does not take… Read More >>

Do You have an Easy Divorce?

Most people do not know if they have an ‘easy California Divorce’ or not. Here is a sure fire way to know if your Divorce will be easy: if you are married less than 5 years (from the date of marriage to the date of separation) if you do not have children, property or debt… Read More >>

Can an Adult be Adopted?

There are several reasons that an older adult may wish to adopt another adult. Here are some of them: To make formal a relationship that may have started as a child. Usually an adult(s) acts as a parent to a child.  The adult may wish to adopt the child, but may not be able to… Read More >>

Divorce or Annulment?

In California, Divorce and Annulment are very different legal matters. Here are five main differences: The most often used legal ground for Divorce does not have to be proven but simply stated i.e. ‘irreconcilable differences’ which simply means that the parties do not get along. ‘Incurable insanity’ is also a legal ground but must be substantiated… Read More >>

Probate and a Reverse Mortgage

Today, many elderly people decide to place a ‘reverse mortgage‘ on their home.  The reason for this is that it presents an attractive alternative for those who have equity and wish to stay in their home. In order to qualify, a home owner must be 62 years or older and own their home outright or… Read More >>

When a Spouse leaves the Home & takes the Child

It is very upsetting when a spouse decides to vacate the home without telling the other party where he/she is going.  It’s even worse when the spouse takes a child as well!  There are several recommended steps when confronted with a situation like this: Try to locate the spouse by contacting family members, friends and/or… Read More >>

When it’s Divorce for the First Time

For most people, Divorce is a ‘first time’ occurrence and as with any ‘first time’ experience, there are some things that you should know before you even start! Don’t panic! There are already laws in place to handle almost every conceivable Divorce situation. Get sound legal advice from an experienced Divorce Attorney so you understand… Read More >>

5 Divorce Resolutions for 2015

For most people, making the decision to Divorce is not an easy one.  You may have tried counseling and therapy but found that it didn’t help. You realize that your marriage is broken but you don’t know how to take the next step. Here are 5 Divorce resolutions that will help you move from indecision… Read More >>

What to Do When Child Custody is Contested

Often parents do not agree on a custody/visitation arrangement when they separate and no longer live together. This can happen in a Divorce or when parents are not married and may be filing a Paternity Action. Complex custody litigation can be pricey as it can involve expert witnesses and evaluations. However, there is a way to… Read More >>

The Different Kinds of California Probates

Probate is handled differently depending on the kind of property and the value of the property. If a person passes away in California without a Trust and has assets that need to be distributed, a Probate would be needed. Here are the different kinds of Probate: personal property that is valued under $150,000 is transferred… Read More >>

L.A.W. vs a Document Service

Length: 01:43 Read more: L.A.W. vs a Document Service L.A.W. (Legal Action Workshop) is very different from a document service. Here are some of the reasons:1. we are a Law Firm 2. we give you legal advice and oversight 3. we take care of the paperwork AND the process 4. we can make court appearances… Read More >>

How to Get a Divorce

Length: 01:41 Read more: How to Get a Divorce Your first step when you are thinking of Divorce is to speak with one of our qualified & experienced Divorce Lawyers. A consultation with one of our Attorneys will make clear your legal rights and your options. Further, our affordable flat fee model will save you… Read More >>

How to Find an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Length: 02:19 Read more: How to Find an Experienced Divorce Attorney It is not easy to find the ‘right’ experienced Divorce Attorney, Your first step is to understand the kind of Divorce that you have.If you have a short marriage with no children or property, and your spouse is cooperative, you may have a ‘default’… Read More >>

How Fast Can I Get a Divorce in California?

Many divorcing couples are eager to get a fast divorce, but a divorce in California takes a minimum of 6 months and one day from the date of service, not the date of filing. Although it cannot take shorter than this time frame, it can take a lot longer! In general, a divorce with cooperation… Read More >>

How to Amend a Divorce Petition in California

Amending a divorce petition is sometimes necessary when the petition was not filled out correctly and contains errors. The courts have rules about how to correct these errors by amending the petition. Some examples of errors are incorrect box checked or not checked, incorrect spelling of a name, or incorrect dates. There may be other… Read More >>

Protect Your Legal Rights

Length: 01:10 Read more: Protect Your Legal Rights You must know your legal rights in order to protect them! Your first step would be to meet with one of our experienced Divorce Lawyers who would go over your particular case and advise you as to your legal rights and options.Some people do not realize that… Read More >>