An experienced Attorney can help you in the following areas:

1.)  give you legal advice so that you know your legal options and what is reasonable in your case.
2.)  guarantee that your divorce will be finalized if your spouse does not respond. If your spouse does respond the attorney can follow through by arranging for a court date & preparing the needed documents as well as representing you in court.
3.)  has the legal expertise to make sure that all of your legal rights are protected through by the proper preparation of your  legal documents.
4.)  give you legal oversight throughout your divorce so that when and if pitfalls arise, he/she can offer viable legal options.
5.)  understand the court system and how judges make decisions and thereby bring about the best possible outcome for your divorce.

An experienced Attorney is invaluable in managing your divorce case. With legal advice and oversight you will have reasonable expectations of your outcome.

Now, I know that you are thinking that this will cost thousands and thousands of dollars! With Legal Action Workshop you can have an experienced attorney advise, oversee and prepare documents for you—all for affordable flat fees. Our system is designed to help you every step of the way! Legal Action Workshop does not charge retainers and hourly fees! If you need an Attorney for your Divorce, call the flat fee law firm @ 800-HELP-444 (800-435-7444).

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