There are several reasons as to why an older adult may wish to adopt another adult. Here are some of them:

  1. To make formal a relationship that may have started as a child. Usually an adult(s) acts as a parent to a child.  The adult may wish to adopt the child, but may not be able to do so because permission from the biological parent is not offered. There may be other reasons. Once the child is an adult permissions are no longer needed.
  2. Once adopted, he/she would have rights to the estate as would any child. Be advised that an adoption is not necessary in order to inherit, as a Will and/or Trust would also address this issue.

An Adult Adoption is a relatively easy procedure.  In California, a Family Law Attorney will explain the legal rights and options of the parties involved, prepare the paperwork and arrange for the hearing. The adult who is adopted may change his/her last name and can elect to change the birth certificate showing the adoptive parent(s) name(s). Written consent of the spouse(s) is needed if either or both parties are married.

It should be noted that an Adult Adoption cannot be used as an immigration tool or to help another become a legal resident or citizen of the United States.  This is not the purpose of an Adult Adoption.

Legal Action Workshop  offers an Adult Adoption for a flat fee of $999. If you have questions about the process, call us @ 1-800-HELP-444 or visit for more information.

Watch our video below about the reasons one might adopt an adult.

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