By attempting to Divorce without legal advice, you risk being stuck in ‘Divorce limbo’, having your Divorce paperwork rejected by the court or getting a settlement that is not legally appropriate. Here are 5 reasons why ‘not getting legal advice’ is bad for you:

  1. Without legal advice, you will not know your legal rights
  2. Without legal advice, you will not know your issues (child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property & debt etc.)
  3. Without legal advice you will not know what is reasonable in your particular case
  4. Without legal advice, you will not know how to compromise with your spouse in order to get agreements
  5. Without legal advice, you may agree to a settlement that is not in your best interest

Some people want to avoid Attorneys because they think they will cost them too much money. However most Attorneys offer a free consultation while others will charge a nominal fee for legal advice. This is a great opportunity for the client to get expert advice in an affordable way. Once you understand your legal rights and what is reasonable in your particular case, you are now ready to make an informed choice as to how to finalize your Divorce. For most people a ‘flat fee’ Attorney saves the most money and still allows you to get important legal advice throughout the process.

If you have questions about a ‘flat fee’ Divorce or Legal Separation in California call Legal Action Workshop @ 1-800-HELP-444 for fast answers or visit our website .

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