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Most attorneys charge hefty retainer and hourly rates that are unaffordable for most people.These fees may also be unnecessary.

Legal Action Workshop has devised a revolutionary attorney-assisted method that is a standardized approach to most legal matters. By using this approach, the client gets attorney advice and oversight, and pays a low flat fee with no financial surprises.

Full representation means that an attorney is the ‘attorney of record’ for the case and handles every aspect of the legal matter and hence charges for time spent on the case i.e. a retainer and hourly rate. Each time the attorney speaks with you or looks at your file, an hourly rate is being assessed.

In the Legal Action Workshop attorney-assisted method, our attorneys are not the ‘attorney of record’. Our attorneys advise you and oversee your legal matter on an ‘as need basis’ for low flat fees. We file and respond to petitions and handle legal matters such as divorce and family law, bankruptcy, estate planning and more. We can also ‘fully represent’ in court and fight for your legal rights.

As a law firm with over 35 years’ experience, our attorneys have a deep understanding of the court system. We know how the courts want to receive documents and what the judges want to see & hear to make their decisions. Since 1979, we have helped tens of thousands of people successfully handle their legal matter.

Give us a call…we’re here to help!

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