Legal Action Workshop has been practicing law in Los Angeles for over 35 years. Our Divorce and Family Law practice, based in Glendale California, is specifically designed for the busy Angelino who typically wants the best service for the best price. This is what Legal Action Workshop delivers in spades!

In the area of Divorce and Family Law, LAW has developed a flat fee approach. This approach saves the client a substantial amount of money while allowing him/her Attorney oversight throughout the process.

Every client begins with a confidential consultation with the Attorney so that legal rights and options are explained thoroughly. Further, the Attorney answers any questions that the client may have. Once the client feels comfortable with the approach specified by the Attorney, he/she completes our easy questionnaires. The information gleaned from the questionnaires is used to complete the necessary legal documents. In essence, Legal Action Workshop informs the client, prepares the paperwork, helps with service and completes the process if the matter is not contested. If the matter is contested, LAW can still complete the matter for additional flat fees.

It should be noted that in a Divorce, Legal Separation or Paternity Action, the Respondent has the choice to ‘respond’ or ‘not respond’ when served. If the Respondent does not ‘respond’, the matter ends in a ‘default’ which may or may not need a hearing. If there are issues that are agreed upon, then Legal Action Workshop can prepare an agreement for a ‘default’ which would avoid a court appearance. If the Respondent ‘responds’ the client can still try to address the issues by agreement. If there is agreement on issues, LAW will prepare a ‘Stipulation’, and this too will avoid a court appearance. However, if there are issues and the parties cannot agree, then the matter becomes ‘contested’ which usually requires a trial and may require other legal procedures such as discovery and depositions.

Whether the client is in a contested or uncontested matter, Legal Action Workshop can still help! It’s also important to note that we can also help with any resulting Estate Planning issues as well. When the Family Law matter involves children or property, it may be wise to consider preparing a Will or Trust to protect children and assets.

To speak to one of Legal Action Workshop’s experienced Attorneys, call us at 1-800-HELP-444 (1-800-435-7444)  We’re eager to help!

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