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Many people want a ‘cheap Divorce’. Certainly saving money is a priority for most people. If you want to save money on your Divorce follow these guidelines:
1.  speak with an experienced Divorce Attorney
2.  get the legal advice you need so that you understand your ‘kind’ of divorce.
3.  discuss the fee or payment schedule that is being offered by the LawyerIf your Divorce is uncontested (the parties agree on their issues) and you do not have issues such as custody, support, division of property or debt, then you will most likely have a ‘default’ divorce (one in which your spouse does not respond). Legal Action Workshop can complete this divorce for as low as $725.

If you are in agreement and have issues such as children and/or property, we can still help for low flat fees. This type of divorce can be much more affordable and starts at $999.

If your divorce is contested (the parties do not agree on their issues) a flat fee model may still work. This depends on the complexity of the issues in your particular case. Our Divorce Attorneys will advise you and explain your options.

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  1. Stan Herman says

    I’m going through a no-contest, no kids divorce in CA. But it is taking too long. My attorney keeps on charging more fees and now I’m broke and the divorce still isn’t finished. What can I do?

    • Brenda Platt-Drucker says

      Did your spouse respond when served? How long have you been married? If you have your case number, I can look up your case online and speak with you about it.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop–THE LAW FIRM THAT OFFERS LOW FLAT FEES!

  2. Ron Ripple says

    My case #FAMSS 1604088. My telephone #512-545-1207. I was married in Austin,TX. Current wife filed divorce in San Bernardino. She was already pregnant when we got married and now she’s trying to say the baby’s mine. How much will you charge me to handle this??

    • Brenda Platt-Drucker says

      It sounds like you would need a response to her petition and request a DNA test to determine paternity. I see that you already have a consultation scheduled today with the attorney. Be sure to take a picture of the petition (3 pages) and send to Samantha so we can see what she is asking for–we do not need the summons or other pages.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

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