Many people think that they have an ‘easy divorce’ for at least 3 reasons.

  1. Both spouses are in agreement regarding issues such as spousal support, division of property and/ or child support, custody & visitation.
  2. The couple do not have property or children.
  3. The couple may not have any known issues.

If people think that their Divorce is ‘easy’ they generally feel that they do not need an Attorney.  This is a mistake for a number of reasons.  If a couple is in agreement, they may not address all issues correctly.  In addition, they may not know their legal rights and may give them up unknowingly.  Only an Attorney can tell them if they have left out important issues such as retirement funds or debt.  Any issues that are left out will have to be addressed or the courts will reject the paperwork or legal rights could be lost. In addition, they will need a Marital Settlement Agreement to avoid a court appearance and the language in this document is very important as this will be the road map for the future once the Divorce is finalized.  If the language is deficient or issues are not addressed, problems, such as rejection by the courts or loss of legal rights could occur down the road.  Further, couples can start out in agreement and then change their minds as issues are brought forward.  This may result in an agreement that is not signed and notarized and hence the couple is in a contested Divorce if the respondent responds.  If this happens, an Attorney can still help, but non-attorneys cannot.

If the couple thinks that their Divorce is ‘easy‘ because they do not have property or children, they may also be mistaken.  The reason for this is that they may not have looked at all issues and may think that they do not have issues.  Property such as retirement funds and investments as well as other assets such as art collections or other assets that are worth money are often overlooked.  In addition, spousal support could be an issue.  An attorney would be able to assess the special circumstance of the petitioner or respondent and advise as to his/her legal options. Since the courts require full disclosure of assets and debts, anything left out or any discrepancies will be cause for rejection,  time delays or loss of legal rights.

Likewise, if the couple thinks that their Divorce is ‘easy‘ because they do not have any issues, they may also be mistaken. If there are no issues, the paperwork still has to done correctly.  The finalizing of a Divorce is made up of a series of steps and each one needs to be performed correctly & timely, hence the filing, serving and preparation of the final documents are most important.  If there are any discrepancies, non-disclosure or mistakes in any of the steps, the Divorce will be rejected, time will be lost and there may be a loss of legal rights.

Many people are afraid to go to an Attorney because they fear it will be too expensive.  Thankfully, there are attorneys who offer LOW FLAT FEES that are comparable to those of document services but offer so much more!  An attorney can give legal advice and oversight so that the Divorce goes through the courts correctly.  In addition, if problems occur, an attorney can find the legal options to address the problems.  An attorney who offers LOW FLAT FEES will answer your legal questions and give you legal options that are specific to your situation.

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