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Since Los Angeles is such a large metropolis, there are plenty of Divorce Attorneys practising here. The challenge is to find ‘the right’ Divorce Lawyer for you.Here are some considerations:

1.Are there issues that need to be addressed? (such as assets & debts to divide, spousal support or child support, custody & visitation)
2.Is your Divorce uncontested or contested? (If the parties agree on the issues such as the division of assets & debts, spousal support, child support as well as custody & visitation, this would be an ‘uncontested’ Divorce; if the parties do not agree on issues then the Divorce would be a ‘contested’ Divorce.)

As a Flat Fee law firm, Legal Action Workshop can help with both uncontested and contested Divorces as well as those with issues or without issues.

There are certain situations when a contested Divorce may require ‘discovery’, & ‘depositions’ etc. This usually occurs when financials are complicated and the whereabouts of assets & debts are unclear. In this case, an hourly/ retainer Divorce Attorney may be best.

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