fast-divorce-couple-californiaMany divorcing couples are eager to get a fast divorce, but a divorce in California takes a minimum of 6 months and one day from the date of service, not the date of filing. Although it cannot take shorter than this time frame, it can take a lot longer! In general, a divorce with cooperation can be finalized much quicker and often within the minimum six months plus one day time frame.

Watch Legal Action Workshop’s video on the California divorce time frame to learn more.

Once a decision has been made to Divorce, one or both parties usually want it to be finalized as soon as possible. In California, the quickest time period for a Divorce is 6 months and 1 day from the date of service. The Divorce can take longer if paperwork is incorrect or if the parties are not in agreement.The steps to take to speed up your Divorce:

1. Start with a consultation with one of our experienced Divorce lawyers. By doing this you will understand your legal rights and options–and what is reasonable in your case.
2. Have one of our lawyers complete the paperwork so that it is done correctly the first time and you don’t have to spend more time & money to correct errors.
3. Hire our law firm to complete the process and help finalize your Divorce. With over 35 years’ experience, we understand the Divorce process and how to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes in court.

Your Divorce with Legal Action Workshop is either $625 or $899 and we handle both the paperwork and the process through the system.

If you have no issues (no children or property & a short marriage) it is more likely that your Divorce will be finalized within the 6 month 1 day time period.

If you have issues (children and/or property) and your spouse is in agreement then we can prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulation which will avoid a court appearance and, again, could be finalized within the minimum time period.

However, if you & your spouse are not cooperative and you have issues that may need to be resolved, it is likely that your Divorce will take longer due to the possible need for hearing(s), trial and other Attorney services.

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