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It is not easy to find the ‘right’ experienced Divorce Attorney, Your first step is to understand the kind of Divorce that you have.If you have a short marriage with no children or property, and your spouse is cooperative, you may have a ‘default’ Divorce i.e. one in which your spouse does not respond. This type of Divorce is easier to get through the court system and can usually be handled for a flat fee. Legal Action Workshop can advise you, prepare the Divorce paperwork and handle the process for a LOW FLAT FEE of $499.

You may also have a ‘default’ Divorce with issues (children and/or property). In this case, Legal Action Workshop would enter the ‘default’ paperwork and request a ‘default’ hearing. Only you, not your spouse, will go to the hearing. The judge will make a ruling on your issues.

If you have issues such as children and/ or property and your spouse is in agreement, you would have an ‘uncontested’ Divorce. In this case, Legal Action Workshop can prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement which, in most cases, will avoid a court appearance. The LOW FLAT FEE for this type of Divorce is $799 plus the agreement fee (usually $500).

If you have a ‘contested’ Divorce this means that you have issues that need to be addressed by the court, since you and your spouse are not in agreement, Legal Action Workshop can still help on a FLAT FEE basis. One of our experienced Attorneys will advise you.

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