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The process for changing an adult name in California takes about 2 to 3 months. It involves filing a petition, a publication in a legal newspaper and an appearance in court.
It’s very important to note that the courts do not approve a name change for those with a criminal record or unpaid traffic tickets. If there is a criminal record it would be best to speak with a criminal attorney to determine if the record can be expunged. When there are unpaid traffic tickets, it would be best to pay the ticket(s) before beginning the process of the name change.
There is a court filing fee that is required for the name change petition. This fee may be waived by the court based on income & other factors. The fee for the filing of the name change petition is dependent on the county in which the petition is filed.
The publication of the name change in a legally approved newspaper begins after the petition is filed and continues for 30 calendar days. Once filed, the court will also advise as to a hearing date.
The judge approves the name change at the hearing date. You will then have the option of purchasing certified copies of the name change. These are used to change the name on the birth certificate, social security card, passport etc. When a person files for a name change in California but was not born here, he/she would follow the procedure of their state or country of origin to change the name on the birth certificate.
Legal Action Workshop prepares the name change petition for you, arranges for publication and alerts you as to your hearing date all for a LOW FLAT FEE. The publication fee and filing fee are additional. Our attorneys help with name change throughout California. When it is not convenient to come to our Glendale office, this procedure can easily be done by phone & email. Please call us @ 1-800-HELP-444 for fast and easy help!

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  1. Guadalupe Lujan says

    I would like to change my last name to my maiden name, I am 69 yrs old, I got divorced long time ago and my ex husband died I believed 6 or 7 years ago….My passport and Global entry cards are already on my maiden name, I do need my CA ID and SS changed to be done……Please let me know what I have to do in order to accomplish this task…..How much will it cost??? Do I have to go to the Norwalk CA courts?????
    I live in La Mirada, and I am already retired…..Please advise…..


    • Brenda Platt-Drucker says

      Yes we can help with your name change and we can do it by phone! The fees are as follows: $499 plus the filing fee to the court ($435) plus the publication fee (approximately $105). Be advised, the filing fee can be waived by the court and it is based on your income. The process takes about 2 to 3 months. Please call us @ 818-630-5503 to discuss.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

  2. vida boheme says

    I would like to change my name to conform to gender identity. I read that I do NOT need to go to court hearing if there is no objection filed within six weeks of the date on the order to show cause and I do NOT have to publish the order to show cause for change of name to conform to gender identity. Is this correct? I am not changing my gender and do not have bad records. I live in San Mateo County of CA. So I guess just atty. fee and filing fee?

    • Brenda Platt-Drucker says

      Unfortunately, we do not do the type of changes needed with regard to gender. We do name changes with publication. However, I know that there are rules set in place at the court to do what you need. You may wish to go to the self-help at the court who can walk you through the steps needed and answer your questions.
      Hope this helps!

  3. KJ says

    I want to change my unmarried paternal surname to a combined form of my great-grandmother’s unmarried paternal surname and my unmarried paternal surname. ( I despise the phrase “maiden-name”) I am an attorney in California (I do know how to advise the State Bar with the court documents for official name change) I do not have the time or the patience to do it myself. Can you help? What would the cost be as of August 2019?

    • Brenda Platt-Drucker says

      Yes, we can prepare the name change for you. Our fee is $499. There is a filing fee with the court of $435 (depending on what county you are in) and there is a publication fee which is usually $105–again dependent on your location. Once your name change is approved by the court you will have an opportunity to purchase certified copies of the approval of the name change–the court typically charges $25 each for these. The certified copies would be sent by you to the agencies such as Social Security, passport etc. If you were born in CA then you would send a certified copy to Sacramento to change your birth certificate. Please call our office @ 818-630-5503 to discuss. We prepare name changes throughout the state as the process is the same. We are physically located in Glendale, CA. Most people choose to do the process by phone and email.
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop!

  4. Jose medrano says

    I want to change my first name to my middle name. My entire life I’ve never gone by my first name. Even relatives hear my first name and think it’s funny. It would make life easier if I got rid of my first name and changed it to my middle name.

    • Brenda Platt-Drucker says

      Yes, we can change your name! Please call our office @ 818-630-5503 to discuss and make a time to get this done!
      Thank-you for contacting Legal Action Workshop–THE LAW FIRM THAT OFFERS LOW FLAT FEES!

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