When Someone Passes Away in California

When someone passes away in California, family members and/or friends will need to consider a number of steps. If the person passes away in their own home or under their own supervision (i.e. not hospitalized or in a facility) the first step would be to call the police or 911. The second step would … Read more about When Someone Passes Away in California

Administrator of an Estate

An administrator of an estate is the person appointed by the court to handle all aspects of the estate. Be advised, the title of 'administrator' is also called 'executor' when named in a Will. When there is a Will, it is typically probated once it is admitted by the court and not contested. The … Read more about Administrator of an Estate

What is a Contested Probate?

A contested Probate may occur when heirs or beneficiaries do not agree.In California, when a decedent passes away without a Trust, assets may need to be distributed by a Probate.Probate is the process whereby the property or assets of a deceased person are transferred to heirs or beneficiaries.  If … Read more about What is a Contested Probate?

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