A legal Will, which is sometimes called a ‘last will and testament’ is a document that explains how assets are to be distributed to beneficiaries as well as name guardians to minor children.  The Will is either formally created (not handwritten) and has at least 2 witnesses and is signed & dated or ‘holographic‘ meaning that it is handwritten by the descedent and is signed & dated.  This type of Will does not need to be witnessed. Both of these types of Wills are admissable in California courts.

A Will is an important document and should be discussed with an experienced Estate Planning Attorney.  The Attorney will know how to write the Will or create the Will that will address your specific situation.  An online Will cannot address your specific situation and for this reason should be avoided.

Common questions when preparing a Will:

  • legal questions regarding distribution of assets
  • legal questions regarding the nomination of an executor and that person’s responsibilities
  • understanding the role of the executor and what happens if this person passes before a Probate is completed
  • understanding the requirements of a guardian of minor children and how to select this person

A Will is an important document.  Sound legal advice by an Estate Planning Attorney can help you understand your legal options with regard to your assets, your beneficiaries, an executor, or a guardian if needed.  This is the best way to avoid problems for your beneficiaries or guardian should a death occur.

Legal Action Workshop can prepare a Will for as low as $129.  Why purchase a generic Will from a document service when you can speak to an experienced Estate Planning Lawyer for the same fee, or just a little more?

For more information call Legal Action Workshop @ 888-LGL-ACTN (888-545-2286) or visit www.LegalActionWorkshopLAW.com.


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