When it comes to politics, it’s ‘the economy’…and, likewise, when it comes to Divorce, ‘it’s the process’!  In fact, ‘the process’ is the most important part of a California Divorce.  It’s also the part that is seldom discussed!

Document services go to great lengths to talk about the Divorce paperwork as if that’s all there is to a Divorce in California.  Nothing could be further from the truth!!

In fact, it is very difficult to get a Divorce finalized in California.  The Divorce process is complicated, time-consuming and confusing.  Self-help centers at the courts can give you documents, but they cannot tell you how to fill out the paperwork and what to do once it’s filled out.  They cannot give you legal advice.  Likewise, online document services can help in filling out the legal paperwork, but they too cannot give you legal advice.  Typically, they give you very complicated instructions for the completion of the Divorce, i.e. the filing, serving and final submission to the courts.  The problem is that these instructions are difficult and time consuming to carry out!  In addition, if there is a problem with the paperwork and/or the process, the courts do not tell you until the final paperwork is submitted.  At this point you may have to start all over again, re-serve your spouse or correct and resubmit.

To make matters worse, the California courts have cutback in staff and hours so reaching staff members is difficult, while going to the courts is time consuming and expensive due to traffic and parking rates.

There are ways to take the stress and difficulty out of Divorce.  The best way is to consult with a divorce or family law attorney first so that you understand your legal rights and options.  Then, allow an experienced lawyer to handle the Divorce.  Remember, an attorney doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money–in fact, your cost can be very similar to that of document services and paralegals, but attorneys give you legal advice and oversight and are overseen by the California State Bar so you can be assured that your matter will be handled competently.

The Legal Action Workshop Law Firm gives you the best of both worlds, legal advice and oversight as well as Low Flat Fees!  For more information, call us at 800-HELP-444  (800-435-7444) or visit us at www.LegalActionWorkshopLAW.com .


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