There is no easy answer to this question. Most people want to divorce when they feel that they no longer get along. This may occur when one spouse leaves the home, when adultery occurs, when there are constant arguments or when the couples no longer have a sexual relationship. When problems occur, it is best to first seek the professional help of a marriage & family counselor. Many times a marriage can be saved. Here are some things to look for:

1. Do you still love each other?
2. Can you forgive the other person?
3. Have you taken responsibility for your portion of the relationship?
4. Are both people willing to make the necessary changes to make their relationship work?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then perhaps a divorce is not what you should be seeking at this time. You may wish to first consult with a psychologist or therapist who can help you, or you and your spouse, through this difficult time.

However, if you feel that the marriage cannot be saved and that it is time to file for divorce, you may be wondering, ‘how do I divorce?’ or ‘how do I file for divorce?’ The answer to both questions is the same. Your first step is to get sound legal advice so that you understand your legal rights and options and then discuss your options with your spouse. If you feel that you cannot discuss the issues of the divorce with your spouse then you can still file for divorce and serve him/her. Remember, there are 3 ways that a divorce is finalized:

1. By agreement i.e. a Marital Settlement Agreement which addresses all issues in the divorce and avoids a court appearance.
2. By default i.e. if your spouse does not respond when served and does not sign an agreement, then the petitioner will go to court without the spouse and will usually get whatever is reasonable (this happens when there are issues to be addressed like spousal support, division of property or child issues).
3. By trial i.e. if your spouse responds, then you are in a contested divorce and both parties will go before the judge to settle the issues.

The divorce will be finalized eventually, it just takes less time when both spouses cooperate and can agree on how to address their issues.

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