When people are faced with the prospect of Divorce, the first thing that they think about is price.  They have heard the horror stories related to Attorney legal fees and they are scared that they will get in over their head!  They may look online or in the phone book and find advertisements for a cheap & easy divorce.  Unfortunately, they usually find out that this  is not a good way to navigate the divorce process.

This happened to a client of ours.  Janet (not her real name) had gone to a California document service and filled out the questionnaires online.  So far it seemed pretty easy.  She then received her divorce packet in the mail and realized that this was more than she could handle.  She had to file the divorce, serve her spouse and prepare ongoing Divorce  document filings by herself.  The instructions were so complicated that she just gave up.  Her husband was angry because the Divorce was not going forward as planned so he hired his own Attorney and now decided not to agree on their issues.  She was in a real mess!

Many people are like Janet.  They are unaware of how complicated the Divorce paperwork can be.  Further, document services do not tell you about the steps required to get the divorce through the California courts—they typically just prepare the initial paperwork which in many cases is not correct. Most people give up in frustration, lose valuable time and risk the loss of legal rights.  When so much is at stake it would seem prudent to consult with an experienced Family Law or Divorce attorney who can give you legal advice and oversight and still offer Low Flat Fees!  These attorneys do exist!

We were able to help Janet for a LOW FLAT FEE and eventually her husband agreed to a Marital Settlement Agreement which avoided a court appearance.  Janet wasted her money and time with the document service and as a result was under a great deal of stress.  Fortunately, we were able to help her and she is now divorced.

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