Often people think that they cannot afford a divorce lawyer. They may feel that divorce fees are too high and that attorneys charge too much money on an hourly basis. They may also feel that their case is easy and doesn’t require an attorney. However, an affordable divorce lawyer can be found!

In truth, divorce does not have to cost very much at all! Most people are not aware that divorce attorneys offer different fee options. Although most attorneys charge hourly/retainer rates, there are some lawyers that charge flat fees. A flat fee divorce is very affordable. It allows you the peace of mind knowing that there are no financial surprises.

When you first approach a flat fee divorce attorney, she/he will want to know some facts about your case. The attorney will want to know the length of marriage, the date of separation, whether you have children or property and, most important of all, if your spouse will be cooperative. With this information the lawyer should be able to offer a flat fee for your divorce.

If you don’t know whether your spouse will be cooperative, then the lawyer should be able to offer a flat fee to do the initial portion of the divorce, namely the petition and the service documents. She/he should also advise you as to your legal rights and what is reasonable in your specific case.

Remember, you can always hire an hourly/retainer attorney at any time in the process. However, you save money by beginning the divorce with a flat fee attorney…and in most cases the attorney will complete the divorce as well!

When you want an affordable divorce attorney, look for a flat fee lawyer. Legal Action Workshop offers low flat fees for divorce & family law. An easy way to start is to call us @ 1-800-HELP-444.

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