How Divorce is like a Chess Game

In order to be successful at divorce, one should consider the steps in the same way that one would consider the prospect of winning a game of chess. In chess, the first step is to understand the rules of the game. At the very least, if one does not understand the rules, one certainly would not win. … Read more about How Divorce is like a Chess Game

When the Spouse does not Respond in a Divorce

In a divorce, a non-responsive spouse is often a good thing. This means that once a divorce is filed and the spouse is served, he/she does not file a response within the 30 day time period. As a result, the petitioner (or the attorney involved in the case) will enter a ‘default’. Once a ‘default’ is … Read more about When the Spouse does not Respond in a Divorce

The Unborn Child and Father’s Rights

When a father knows or suspects that his ex girlfriend is pregnant, he has legal rights—providing he takes certain steps. He can sign a Declaration of Paternity voluntarily stating that he is the father (this would be filed with the Department of Child Support Services) or he can file a ‘paternity … Read more about The Unborn Child and Father’s Rights

In Pro Per Divorce

The term ‘In Pro Per’ simply means that a person who is filing for divorce does not have an ‘attorney of record’ for his/her case. An ‘attorney of record’ for a case means that the divorce attorney listed ‘fully represents’ the client. Attorneys that ‘fully represent’ for divorce typically do so … Read more about In Pro Per Divorce

Divorce—Where to Start?

When you’ve made the decision to divorce, your first step should be to arrange for a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. The attorney will explain the following: Your legal rightsWhat is reasonable The divorce process Legal Rights: California has rules already in place with … Read more about Divorce—Where to Start?

Name Change Attorney by Phone

It’s nice to know that there is an easy way to change your name without the hassle of driving to a law office! Legal Action Workshop offers a quick and easy name change by phone! This means that all you have to do is show up at the hearing to receive your stamped approval of your name change. A … Read more about Name Change Attorney by Phone

How to Stop a Divorce after Filing in California

In order to stop a divorce once it has been filed, the petitioner would have to file a Request for Dismissal before the spouse (also called the respondent) has responded and prior to a judgment being entered. If the spouse has responded, then he/she would need to be served with the dismissal form … Read more about How to Stop a Divorce after Filing in California

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